Wrong charset if I send logs from windows to linux

There is configuration of fluentd on windows:

  ignore_same_log_interval 60s
  log_level trace
  @type tail
    @type none
  path C:\app\app.out.log
  pos_file C:\fluentd\app-agent.pos
  time_key time
  read_from_head true
  tag app-agent.log

<filter  app.**>
  @type record_modifier

  # set UTF-8 encoding information to string.
  char_encoding utf-8

  # change char encoding from 'UTF-8' to 'EUC-JP'
  char_encoding utf-8:euc-jp

<match app.**>
  @type forward
  send_timeout 15s
  recover_wait 10s
  hard_timeout 15s

    name APP
    port 24225
    weight 60

As the result on linux server I see the logs with added weird characters (for example: d��\u0000`m��"U�h��message��) instead of nextline or other information, added by fluentd. But log messages itself are correct.

Why char_encoding utf-8 and char_encoding utf-8:euc-jp is specified?
It seems that it should be used either.