Using Fluentd in Other Cloud Hosting Services

Hi, fairly new here [just 2 weeks]. We [my agile team mates] are working on setting up a Kubernetes cluster for a development of some sort of a financial application. For that we need to setup various nodes and stuffs like that. We have chosen a cloud hosting provider called Kamatera which has a Kubernetes image for us to use. I went through the documentation of Fluentd and it seems like its use case is restricted only to Google Cloud platforms. I wanted to seek clarification if I can use Fluentd for keeping log of nodes/clusters in Kubernetes hosted in Kamatera. Thank you

Hi @summer,

Great question - Fluentd is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) the same foundation that Kubernetes is a part of and thus has a very strict policy on being vendor neutral and compatible with many different platforms. While examples might include Google Cloud, Fluentd / Fluent Bit are also used with AWS EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service, Oracle Cloud Kubernetes Service, Red Hat OpenShift, and more. I’ve included links below which may be helpful.

  1. AWS EKS example to Cloud Watch
  2. Azure AKS example to Azure Log Analytics
  3. Oracle Cloud Kubernetes Engine example with logging
  4. Red Hat OpenShift configuring Fluentd