Td-agent Flunetd log aggregator


I have installed the latest td-agent for using fluentd. I have set the config file but i am not able to get the logs.

    @type tail
    @log_level trace
    tag logs
        @type none
    path /home/xxxxx/xxxx/logs/stun_*.log

<match logs>
   @type stdout
   format none

Is log appended to stun_*.log since fluentd is launched? If not, you can not get the logs because it just tails.
If you want to read from the head, you need to set read_from_head true in <source>.

Actually log files are rotated on daily basis .

Which version of fluentd is used? (v1.12 specific or not :thinking: )

It may be related to:

I am using td-agent V4.