Td-agent blank response

Hi, Installed Fluentd ( td-agent-4.1.1-x64.msi ) version in windows VM, It was working fine initially,
But after restarting my VM, td-agent cmd not giving any response tried below commands in td-agent cmd prompt.

  1. C:\opt\td-agent\bin\fluentd -c “C:\opt\td-agent\etc\td-agent\td-agent.conf” -v – NO Response
  2. C:\opt\td-agent>td-agent – NO Response
  3. C:\opt\td-agent>td-agent --version (Working )


Fluentd was running as a windows service, there may be a possibility to cause an error when
launching another fluentd instances.

ref. Install by .msi Installer (Windows) - Fluentd

But it is not reproducible for me. :thinking:
Is the command executed from cmd.exe or td-agent command prompt or something else?

command executed from td-agent command prompt.