Please enable "Discourse Solved" plugin

The problem

There is no way to distinguish already solved topics yet. :sob:

Actual status

It is hard to understand which topic was already solved.
If there is the capability to filter them, it is useful.

Expected solution

@agup006 @cosmo0920 What do you think?

I agree to enable Discourse Solved plugin. :+1:

Iā€™m asking the account administrator who is in CNCF for this issue.

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CNCF person says that Enabled Discource Solved plugin.
But where is Solved buttonā€¦?

Maybe restricted to topic owner or forum staff. :sob:

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@cosmo0920 , did you become a forum staff? or any news?

I got a admin members and I could mark as solved.

Iā€™d enabled mark as solution to topic owner and staff for Fluentd Help, Fluent Bit Help, and Site Feedback.

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By the way, currently who is the staff? @cosmo0920
(there may be a case that asking ā€œmark as solutionā€ this topic)

@edsiper, @agup006 and I are stuff on this forum for now.
(And some CNCF persons are also managing this site but they are only managing site)

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