No suitable category to post a new td-agent release announce

Although I want to post an announce of new td-agent release (4.1.1) as Masahiro Nakagawa formerly did it in Google Groups, it seems that there is no suitable category to post it. I think “Fluentd Help” isn’t suitable for it, “Fluentd Announce” or a similar is needed.

The article I want to post is like this (I already posted it to Google Groups

td-agent 4.1.1

Hi all,

We’ve released Treasure Agent v4.1.1.
The changelog is here: td-agent-builder/ at master · fluent-plugins-nursery/td-agent-builder · GitHub

Main changes are:

  • Remove unnecessary dependencies (provides & requires) of RPM packages
  • Fix uninstallable MSI package on non-English environment
  • Fix broken td command executable in td-agent 4.1.0
    There is no suitable category - Publish td-agent 4 for macOS
  • Update fluentd and several plugin gems

Enjoy logging!

Takuro Ashie

Let’s create an announcements section and we can post there

I’ve created an announcement section

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