How to send mobile application logs to Fluentd using HTTP/HTTPS as a batch

Our purpose is to send the logs that Xamarin Forms mobile application creates, to FluentBit/FluentD instance for filtering and analyzing.

1.) Even though FluentBit has designed for “high throughput with low CPU and Memory usage”, I don’t think it is directly build to run on Android or iOS systems. Am I right?

2.) As I think, option that we are having now is, to send the mobile logs directly to a FluentD running instance using Forward or HTTP extensions. In our scenario, Forward is not an option, since it is using TCP connection and our decision makers think, that it is too much for ask clients to configure those ports in their environments. Therefore, as I understood, the remaining option for our scenario is using HTTP client to send logs to a running FluentD instance. Am I correct on that as well?

3.) Do we have already created library where we can use with Xamarin Forms to send logs to a FluendD instance using HTTP?