How to forward output to different hosts

Hello, from the documentation I can balance the output to multiple hosts but I need to hardcode all URLs, in case fluentd will scale, how flunetbit can add that new host to the upstream?

nslookup fluentd-headless gives multiple IPs will flunetbit balance the output to all IPs if only one host is specified Host fluentd-headless or it will use the first IP and ignore the rest? If yes then it can solve my problem of fluentd autoscaling.

    Name          forward
    Match         kube.*
    Upstream      upstream.conf
    name       forward-balancing
    name       fluentd-0
    host       fluentd-0.fluentd-headless
    port       24224
    name       fluentd-1
    host       fluentd-1.fluentd-headless
    port       24224