Fluentd multiple docker containers writing to the same output file


I am trying to deploy multiple fluentd containers behind a load balancer (I am thinking 7-8 fluentd containers running) . I would like to send log messages from my various applications through http (REST call), to my load balancer an then send to one of my fluentd service which will log to a file in CSV format. Now I would like all messages sent to any of 7-8 fluentd containers to be written to the same file, without losing any messages. Meaning all fluentd containers will output messages to the same output file. I have a lot of messages coming from many instances of the same applications. Is that doable, can multiple fluentd containers write as output to the same file? When I tried writting to the same output file with just 2 instances of fluentd (using a curl), only one was able to write to the output and all messages to the other fluentd container were not written. If I run them one at a time I see both messages in the same output file, but if my shel script to send messages to both fluentd instances at the same time, only messages sent to one fluentd are written.

thank you

Kaleb Akalework