Fluentd for OS Solaris?

Hello, can you recommend any officially supported tool/agent/alternative for OS Solaris, like Filebeat, Fluentd, FluentBit, etc. which allows parsing log files, please? We use “collectd” at the moment. It works fine, but doesn’t allow to do much with different kinds of log files. Many thanks!

I believe that Fluentd will deploy on Solaris. This point was discussed some time back - Does Fluentd supports for Solaris Operating System ? · Issue #1888 · fluent/fluentd · GitHub

As Oracle are really getting behind Fluentd I see no reason why it should present any issues.

(Fluentd contributes to Oracle Cloud’s monitoring and observability capabilities

Thank you, Phil, for the reference. Looks like Fluentd officially is not supported on Solaris (because it is even not available in Download | Fluentd)… but possibly it could work on Solaris with Ruby, right? Can you recommend Fluentd download for Solaris, if it is available somewhere? Many thanks for your expertise. Regards. Dmitri

P.S. This is the only one installation reference we found so far… Falied to install FluentD on Solaris 10: cannot use v8plus instructions in a non-v8plus target binary · Issue #272 · fluent/fluentd · GitHub