fluentd-buffer logs stopped coming

I would appreciate help getting where to find logs to understand why logs stopped flowing to fluentd-buffer-vol in mountPath: /var/log/td-agent?
I built a livenessprobe implementation based on the arrival of fluentd-buffer logs to mountPath and now I’m trying to figure out why the logs stop coming at a certain point.
Ideas are welcome, thanks!


@type forward

port 24224


Flatten fields nested within the ‘message’ field

<filter poly**>

@type parser

format json

key_name message

Add kubernetes metadata to the record

<filter poly**>

@type kubernetes_metadata

Flatten fields nested within the ‘kubernetes’ field

<filter poly**>

@type record_transformer


ContainerName ${record["kubernetes"]["container_name"]}

NamespaceName ${record["kubernetes"]["namespace_name"]}    

PodName ${record["kubernetes"]["pod_name"]}

NodeName ${record["kubernetes"]["host"]}

Flatten fields nested within the ‘Message’ field in polypii or polyexception tags

<filter {polypii,polyexception,polytelemetry}>

@type parser

format json

reserve_data true

key_name Message

Send app events to MDSD

<match poly**>

@type mdsd

djsonsocket /var/run/mdsd/default_djson.socket

acktimeoutms 10000

mdsd_tag_regex_patterns ["^poly\w+" ] # fluentd tag patterns whose match will be used as mdsd source name

num_threads 5

buffer_chunk_limit 1000k

buffer_type file

buffer_path /var/log/td-agent/buffer/out_poly_buffer

buffer_queue_limit 128

flush_interval 10s

retry_limit 10

retry_wait 60s

resend_interval_ms 60000

conn_retry_timeout_ms 20000

convert_hash_to_json true

Anything else goes to standard output

<match **>

@type stdout