Failure to resend secondary file through "fluent-cat command"

I am sending data to kafka through fluentd config as below

I am accumulating logs of data that failed to be transmitted through secondary_file.

I followed the method you guided for retransmission, but only the phrase “Input must be a map (got Array)” is displayed.

Which part did I make a mistake?

====How to i used flunetd-cat====
cat /home/temp/eventqueue.log.0 | fluent-cat --format msgpack --host --port 24224 dev.eventqueue.*

=====my fluentd config======

@type kafka2 brokers {kafka broker domain} topic_key $.topic @type json
<buffer $.topic>
    @type file_single
    path /home/td/buffer
    flush_at_shutdown false
    chunk_limit_size 256MB
    flush_mode interval
    flush_interval 2s
    flush_thread_count 4
    overflow_action throw_exception
    retry_type periodic
    retry_wait 10s
    retry_forever false
    retry_max_times 1
    retry_exponential_backoff_base 1
    disable_chunk_backup true
    compress gzip

   @type secondary_file
   directory /home/temp
   basename eventqueue.log

For the record,

FYI: Failure to resend secondary file through "fluent-cat command" · Issue #306 · fluent/fluentd-docs-gitbook · GitHub