Create a specifit match output file name and running fluentd as a service

Hey guys,
I’m using td-agent in one of my machines trying to collect http POST requests.
When outputting the files locally the name goes like buffer.XXXXX.log.
I want to change the generic name of the log files outputting and add a date so something like http_log%DATE%.log

My td-agent.conf currently looks like this:

  @type http
  port 9880
  body_size_limit 32m
  keepalive_timeout 10s

<match http>
  @type file
  path C:\opt\td-agent\http.log

I’ve tried using time_slice_format %Y%m%d%h thinking it will solve my issue but my files are still coming out with the same format.

Also, as this is running on windows server I’m trying to run td-agent as a service.
I followed this guide and I do have the fluentd service under ‘Services’ but even if the service is running on not, ONLY if I start the agent from the td-agent command prompt the agent is listening.

Thanks in advance!