Book on Fluentd


Over the last year we’ve been developing with Manning a book on Logging and Fluentd. The final chapter is due to become available in the Early Access Programme (MEAP). It also means we’ve got peer and internal reviewing and a final copy edit to go. But the final book isn’t too far away.

Logging in Action with Fluentd

I’m currently considering adding to my GitHub additional examples (GitHub - mp3monster/LoggingInActionWithFluentd: This contains all the configurations for the examples in the Manning book Logging in Action) and use cases linked to the book, so always happy to hear suggestions.

To help with the book, we’ve built a Log Generator / Simulator and will be building out its capabilities, filling in gaps like better unit testing. The idea is to help replay log events as if live so configuration of Fluentd etc can be easily checked (GitHub - mp3monster/LogGenerator: utility for creating log files, designed to help test Fluentd configuration files)

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