Better ways to track release items

Raised in Slack too: Slack

During the last Fluent community call I indicated both I and a few others I’ve seen in chat would like to be able to see what’s coming up in the next few releases as an informal roadmap. I took an action to try to start collecting suggestions on how we might do this and what kind of information people were after.

For me, it would be useful to know the timeline for the next release and what it will contain, the current releases are cherry picked so just because something is on master does not mean it will go in. I was also after a rough idea of things like 1.8 will include feature X.Anyone else after this or something different/similar? Any suggestions on how to do it or things not to do based on previous experience?

Easiest thing is probably to either add to this thread or message me direct. I’ll try to collate things for next call to suggest them.

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